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Uses and Benefits of Zea Relief Kunzea Products

Hayden Brass | 19 November

Many of us are in search of natural wellness products that will make a difference, the kind of products you buy and never look back. If you’re someone who is forever dealing with sore muscles, aches and pains, dry skin or simply have everyday ailments that you want to treat, the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream and our Zea Relief range could just become your new go-to products.

Our customers often ask for advice about the right products for their physical ailments - whether it’s a joint ache or pain, muscle tension, or a skin condition that might be sensitive to many products. We’ve designed this entire range to complement the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream, so if you’re struggling with pain and soreness, we recommend using the other products in our Zea Relief range in conjunction with the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream for the best results.  All of our Zea Relief products can be used together or interchangeably - there’s something to benefit everybody

Most notably, the products in this range contain the natural benefits of Australian Kunzea Oil to relieve, protect, heal and soothe, and boast a myriad of uses and benefits.

Keep reading to find out which Zea Relief product (or combo) is best for you.

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream

Kunzea Pain Relief Cream (AUST L 360 331) 

The Zea Kunzea Pain Relief Cream is our signature product designed for pain management. The cream contains 100% natural active ingredients, as well as vitamin E which is easily absorbed into the skin. Quick absorption is just what you want from a topical anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream so you can feel the benefits ASAP. 

As well as providing relief from achey, sore muscles and the joint pain of mild arthritis, Kunzea Pain Relief Cream also relieves nerve pain, neuralgia and mild sciatica. 

With the added benefits of the active ingredients Rosemary Antioxidant Extract, Tasmanian Lavender Oil and Vitamin E, Kunzea Pain Relief Cream increases vitality and relieves general malaise. 

The addition of coconut, vitamin E and macadamia oils, as well as shea butter, also aids in soothing irritated, inflamed skin. Include Kunzea Pain Relief Cream into your routine for improved skin health and hydration. 

Primary Uses: To relieve mild arthritis and joint pain, skin inflammation, muscle aches and injury, mild nerve pain and neuralgia. 

Other Uses: Massage, skin health and hydration, relief from muscle sprains. 

Kunzea Bath Salts

Kunzea Bath Salts

Soaking in a hot bath is a time-honoured way to unwind and can do a tired body a lot of good. Supercharging the bath time benefits with Kunzea Bath Salts aids in soothing and relaxing tired muscles. 

If you’re using the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream during the day to ease muscle soreness, aches and pains but want a little something extra - why not try adding the Kunzea Bath Salts to your bedtime routine? Our bath salt blend also contains high amounts of macrobiotic sea minerals and trace elements from the Great Barrier Reef. So, you can lie back and unwind, knowing you’re doing something extra nourishing for your body. 

By soaking in a bath infused with Kunzea Bath Salts as often as possible, you can enjoy many of the benefits of magnesium. We’ve also included the essential oil blend of Kunzea, Lavender and Ylang Ylang for extra ‘de-frazzling’ benefits. 

Don’t have a bathtub? Why not try a foot soak! Or discover other ways of how you can reap the relaxing benefits by checking out our blog post “5 Easy and Bath-Free Ways to Use Bath Salts”. 

Primary Uses: Soothe and relax tired muscles, aid relaxation, relieve body discomfort.

Other Uses: Rejuvenate the body, hydrate and detoxify the skin.

Concentrated Massage Oil

Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil 

Massage is an important part of relieving muscle aches, pains and stress, so what could be better? Well, a soothing massage can be enhanced with the use of the Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil. 

Our Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil has been specifically formulated for aiding the benefits of trigger point therapy and localised areas of discomfort. Apply a couple of drops of the concentrated massage oil to the source of the pain and massage a small amount of our Kunzea Pain Relief Cream to a larger area of the body.

With locally sourced, natural and gentle ingredients, this multi-active massage oil is suitable for all skin types. Although it’s an oil, this is a product that won’t leave you feeling greasy. The oil absorbs beautifully into the skin and you’re left with nothing but a pleasant and mild scent.

Speaking of scent, Kunzea Concentrated Massage Oil contains a highly concentrated combination of native botanicals, including Australian Sandalwood, Nerolina and Lemon Myrtle to soothe and uplift the body and mind. 

Primary Uses: To enhance deep tissue remedial massage, for relief of acute conditions such as injury or muscle tension.

Other Uses: Relaxation, easing tired muscles and joints, injury prevention.

Kunzea Roll On Liniment

Kunzea Roll On Liniment

Many of you are likely to be on the move, leading busy, active lifestyles. If you’re already using the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream at home but you’re looking for a convenient product that can go with you anywhere, then the Kunzea Roll On Liniment is the product for a little TLC on the go. 

This handy little roll on has been designed to help you apply the lightweight, soothing formula onto those hard to reach places, such as the back and neck. 

The Kunzea Roll On Liniment is perfect to have on hand in the office or gym bag to soothe the body and support post-workout recovery. The non-greasy, non-irritating formula can be worn all day so you can continue to feel the benefits. 

With a combination of Tasmanian Kunzea, Rosemary and Australian Nerolina, this uplifting scent can also help to calm a busy mind. 

Primary Uses: To soothe the back and neck, aid post-workout recovery, as an easy-to-use alternative to Kunzea Pain Relief Cream.

Other Uses: To relieve the body and quieten the mind, to improve range of movement. 

Kunzea Muscle Balm

Kunzea Muscle Balm

We’ve formulated the Kunzea Muscle Balm as a luxurious, hydrating way to soothe tired muscles and calm the skin. This all-natural, multi-purpose balm is designed with the whole family in mind - it’s one to always have on hand at home.

We’ve combined Kunzea with Arnica for maximum benefits to tired muscles and distressed skin. You’ll want to reach for this balm when recovering from a tough workout or injury. For more info on why we love Arnica, check out our blog post “A to Z: Natural Treatments for Staying Pain-Free”. 

Kunzea Muscle Balm is packed full of hydrating, natural ingredients, including castor oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, mango butter and vitamin E. We’ve also included Peppermint Gum and Eucalyptus essential oils and ginger extract which may improve circulation and ease muscle tension. 

For extra pain-relieving benefits, try adding the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream to those tight or tender spots before using the Kunzea Muscle Balm over the top. 

Primary Uses: Ease muscle tension, soothe discomfort throughout the body, post-workout recovery. 

Other Uses: Increase vitality, energise and uplift, maintain smooth skin. 

Original Kunzea Cream

Original Kunzea Cream

If you’re after a product that is multi-purpose, soothing and natural that you can use anywhere on the body, look no further than the Original Kunzea Cream.

We’ve formulated this cream with all skin types in mind - even sensitive skin. It’s super hydrating while also being fast-absorbing and non-greasy.  Compared to our Kunzea Pain Relief Cream, Original Kunzea Cream comprises a rich consistency for an intensive solution to healing and moisturising the hands, face and body.

Use this cream to nourish, protect, soothe and hydrate the skin of the hands, face and body. 

Primary Uses: To nourish and hydrate skin, to soothe sensitive skin.

Other Uses: Rejuvenating the body, intensive hand cream for dry hands.

Zea Relief Kunzea Products

We hope this in-depth look at our entire Zea Relief range will help you to choose the best products for your needs. We recommend checking out our Ultimate Zea Relief Kunzea Bundle featuring all 5 products, formulated to relieve, heal, protect and soothe.

And as always, reach out to our Zea team if you need any assistance. We’d love to hear from you!

Zea team


For the past few years, Hayden has lived and breathed Zea. He has been the driving force behind turning what was a family project into a real business that could positively impact millions of people throughout the world. It's Hayden's personal mission to develop products that have a positive impact on people’s lives and well-being. When he is not working and talking about Kunzea Oil, Hayden enjoys getting outdoors into nature and exploring the beautiful planet in which we call home.

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